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Wrecked motorcycle and parts on highway from a crash

Greenspun Shapiro attorneys Peter Greenspun and Anastasia Kranias worked diligently to reach a $3.5 million settlement in a motorcycle collision personal injury case.

Peter and Anastasia represented a young man who had a passion for riding and working on motorcycles. While on a test-ride at work, he was ejected off the motorcycle when the driver of a large work vehicle recklessly turned into him.

His injuries were many and life-threatening, and he regained consciousness days later in the Intensive Care Unit of a local hospital, unable to move due to the severe injuries. He endured multiple invasive surgeries and suffered through months of painful physical therapy. Thankfully, through sheer will, the constant support of his parents, and the highest-level medical care, the young man's condition continued to improve. Although he has many permanent and lasting effects from the accident, he worked exceedingly hard to obtain the best possible recovery.

Through their thorough and diligent representation, Peter and Anastasia negotiated a $3.5 million settlement for their client without having to file suit. Greenspun Shapiro's submission to the insurance carrier contained many imbedded photographs, including x-rays that depicted the numerous fractures suffered and showing the hardware that remains in the young man's body as a result. The insurance adjuster was very impressed with how the injured young man fought to rehabilitate his body and eventually get back to work. This settlement money will help cover his past and future medical expenses and help him positively move forward after this unexpected and devastating event.

$3.5 Million