Pay Button on a Cell PhoneNot all tickets are the same, and, therefore, the consequences of paying your traffic ticket online aren’t the same in every situation. You may think that paying your ticket online is the easiest option compared with hiring an attorney or going to court. However, once you pay your ticket, you may be admitting guilt to a moving violation.

What Could Happen if You Pay Your Ticket Online

That depends on the type of ticket issued by Virginia police. For example, when you pay a speeding ticket, you may:

  • Add significant demerit points to your license
  • Increase your car insurance costs

The potential consequences may be more significant if you have other recent moving violations.

Know Your Legal Options Before You Pay a Ticket

Don’t take any unnecessary risks with your future. Instead, we invite you to schedule an initial meeting with one of our Northern Virginia traffic defense lawyers. We will explain your ticket and all of your legal options to you so that you can make an informed decision about what steps to take next. It’s much easier to help you now before you pay for your ticket.

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