It’s natural to feel alone and overwhelmed when charged with impaired driving. Many people have been where you are, however, and the Fairfax DUI lawyers at Greenspun Shapiro PC has helped them face their charges with confidence and success. Here, they share their personal stories and describe what it was like to work with the experienced lawyers at our firm. Learn more about how we helped to resolve their cases and obtain for them the best possible result.

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  • "I have had the privilege to work with Liza Greenspun Yang, who helped me with my case. I was impressed with her demeanor, professionalism and empathy from the moment we met for my initial consultation. During the subsequent back and forth with the court, I realized how meticulous she was. I want to thank you for all of your help and the favorable outcome. I hope to never need a lawyer but if I do, you are my lawyer."