"My son was facing first degree murder and several other charges. We chose Peter Greenspun to represent our then juvenile son based off of his high reviews and his reputation. It was an extremely long and hard year for all of us, and being that this was our families first experience with the law and court system we did not fully know what to expect. Truthfully, we could not understand what was going on throughout the majority of this process, and we were very worried, but when time came Peter Greenspun and Muhammad El Sayed did not disappoint. The day of my sons sentencing, Peter delivered an incredible speech and we were all moved and in tears. Peter and Muhammad had my sons charges reduced and he went from facing life in prison to being sentenced to 10 years. As parents, it’s hard to see our child do any time at all, and as hard as it is, we have to be thankful for this outcome. My son was very pleased with his lawyers and urged us to write a glowing review. This was a very difficult case, and we thank you for your hard work."Aisha E.