DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients' cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client's case.

Strangulation Charge Dismissed and Domestic Favorable Outcome on Assault and battery Charge

Individual charged with strangling and battering parent in Arlington County.  The circumstances surrounding the incident and the individual were fully explained to the prosecution.  This led to an agreement that resulted in the felony strangulation charge being nolle prossed and individual serving only one month in jail.  

Felony Drug Possession Reduced to Misdemeanor

Individual was charged with possession of a schedule I/II substance in Fairfax County.  After discussing the individual’s personal circumstances, prosecutor agreed to reduce charge to misdemeanor with no active jail time and unsupervised probation for one year.

Strangulation and Domestic Assault and Battery Charges Nolle Prossed

Individual charged with strangulation and battery of spouse in Fairfax County.  After full circumstances were discussed with prosecutor, both charges were nolle prossed.  Both charges were also eligible for expungement.  

Favorable Sentencing on Child Rape Charge

Individual charged with having sexual intercourse with a female under 13 years old and 8 other serious, related felonies in Augusta County.  Individual agreed to plead guilty to the sexual intercourse charge and faced mandatory life sentence because of then-recent change in Virginia’s sentencing scheme.  Because of motions filed by counsel, the prosecution agreed to remove the mandatory life sentence.  Individual ultimately received a 16-year active sentence.  

Felony Strangulation Charge Nolle Prossed

Individual charged with strangulation of a stranger in Fairfax County.  When additional evidence was brought to the prosecutor’s attention, the charge was nolle prossed without a trial.  The individual was eligible to expunge his record.

Felony Distribution Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor

Individual charged with felony possession with intent to distribute marijuana in Fairfax County.  While felony charges were pending, the individual was charged with four additional misdemeanors.  Despite the circumstances, individual received three misdemeanor convictions, served only 20 days in jail, and only received one year of probation.

Favorable Serious Felony Sentencing Outcome

Individual charged with two counts of forcible sodomy and one count of production of child pornography in Fairfax County.  Individual faced the possibility of being sentenced to two life sentences and an additional 30 years due to the nature of the charges.  Individual was convicted of only one count of forcible sodomy and received a total active sentence of 16 years.

Felony Embezzlement Charge Reduced

Individual accused of felony embezzlement of narcotics from employer in Fairfax County.  Police and employer suspected total value of narcotics embezzled exceeded $1,000.  Individual received reduced charge of misdemeanor embezzlement and sentenced to less than one week in jail.

Felony Firearm Offense Dismissed After Preliminary Hearing

Individual charged with unlawfully discharging a firearm within an occupied building in Fairfax County.  The prosecution would not offer to reduce the offense, so the matter proceeded to preliminary hearing.  Following the preliminary hearing, the Court dismissed the charge for lack of probable cause.  The individual was eligible to expunge the charge.

Felony and Misdemeanor Nolle Prossed

Individual charged with throwing a missile into an occupied dwelling, a class 6 felony, as well as unlawful entry and destruction of property, both class 1 misdemeanors, in Arlington County.  Prosecution nolle prossed the felony and destruction of property charges, and the individual entered a guilty plea to unlawful entry.  The individual was not required to serve any jail time, and only had to pay a fine of $150.

Favorable Sentencing Outcome on Probation Violation and Felony Charge

Individual charged with three felony credit card fraud related charges in one jurisdiction while on supervised probation in a different jurisdiction.  After the three charges were brought, individual was charged with a probation violation for his prior case.  

The three felonies were reduced to one felony, and after negotiations with the prosecution, an agreement was reached that there would be a cap on the amount of time for which the Commonwealth would argue.  After presenting all evidence to the Court, individual received a sentence for the felony charge that was four months below his recommended sentence.

When coming before the second jurisdiction to address the probation violation, individual faced up to a 12 month jail sentence.  Instead of imposing all 12 months, individual received only 4 months, despite a lengthy record and similarities between the new offenses and the offense for which individual was on probation.

Felony Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana Charges: One Nolle Prossed; One Reduced

Individual charged with two counts of felony possession with intent to distribute more than a 1/2 oz. but less than 5 lbs. of marijuana.  After several months of back and forth with the Commonwealth, the prosecution agreed to nolle pros one of the felony charges and reduce the second charge to simple possession of marijuana, a class 1 misdemeanor.

Two Felonies and One Misdemeanor Dismissed

Individual charged with two felony possession charges and a misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia charge in Arlington County.  Charges were to be dismissed upon completion of certain conditions.  However, individual had several violations of the conditions.  Despite this, the charges were all dismissed by the court after the circumstances were explained.

Felony Firearm Charge Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing by Judge

Individual charged with felony false statement on firearm application in Fairfax County.  Prosecution would not dismiss the charge despite the individual’s clear lack of knowledge about his status and the alleged false statement on the application.  The case proceeded to preliminary hearing, and the judge dismissed the case for lack of probable cause.  The charge was eligible for expungement.

Felony Strangulation and Misdemeanor Domestic Assault Charges Nolle Prossed

Individual was charged with assault and battery and strangulation of a sibling.  Both charges were nolle prossed by the Commonwealth without a trial after discussions about the facts of the case and the complainant’s credibility issues. Individual was eligible to expunge both charges.

Jury Finds Individual Not Guilty of Abduction, Rape, and Sodomy Charges After Trial

Individual accused of abducting and raping a person in Fairfax County. Case went to trial before a jury, and individual was acquitted of all four felony charges and their lesser included offenses. Individual was eligible to expunge all charges.

Felony Indecent Liberties Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor Without Active Jail Time

Individual charged with indecent liberties with a child under 15 years old, which carried up to 10 year jail term and registration on sex offender registry.  After issues with complainant’s story were exposed to prosecutor, the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor without any active jail time and only one year of probation.