A recently signed executive order prohibits the open carry of firearms in all executive state-owned buildings, our Fairfax Attorney explains.

Increased Gun Control In Virginia

In a significant step towards increasing gun control in a state with some of the loosest gun laws in the nation, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has signed an executive order prohibiting the open carry of firearms in all executive state-owned buildings.  He has also called on the Director of General Services to propose regulations to ban the carrying of concealed weapons in offices occupied by state executive branch agencies.

The executive order also establishes a task force with the purpose of more vigorously prosecuting gun offenses.  The Governor also established a statewide tip line for reporting gun crimes, and directed Virginia State Police to trace any gun involved in crime.  Additionally, the executive order encourages prosecutors and judges to increase the use of forfeiture orders against guns in cases of domestic violence where the offender has access to firearms.

What Does this Gun Control Law Mean for Me?

This executive order may be the beginning of an increase in gun control regulations through executive action.  The Republican-controlled state legislature has already spoken out in opposition to the Governor’s action, and is unlikely to follow up with similar legislation.  Nonetheless, this executive order may lead to an increase in the use of forfeiture of guns from defendants convicted of domestic assault and similar acts of violence.  It also signifies the importance for responsible gun owners of staying up to date with the ever-evolving legal landscape regarding gun regulations.

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