Civil Litigation Cases in Virginia

Many people have questions about what is involved in civil suits. If you are about to be sued, you are being sued, or you have already started the process then you have come to the right firm. One of the first questions people ask is what I (as the client) can get out of the civil lawsuit. Typically these lawsuits are about money, so you can get money. However, some suits make someone do something or prevent them from doing something. Know the benefits of the case are just as important as knowing the risk. The primary risk in a civil lawsuit is financial because these suits can be expensive. You should also consider the possibility of having to disclose sensitive information and the stress of going through the process. So what is the process? While no two cases are the same, they generally follow a similar path. That path starts with negotiation where the parties attempt to reach a resolution. If that doesn't work, they go to court. They will do discovery, pre-trial motions, and end up at trial where a judge or jury will decide the case. These types of cases can last months to years depending on the complexity of the case and what’s at stake. If you want to learn more about the process, benefits and the risks of your case, contact our civil litigation attorneys today.