Handcuffs, Car Keys, and a Glass of AlcoholYou may be embarrassed about a drunk driving arrest or concerned that a drunk driving conviction could cost you a job. You don’t want to discuss a drunk driving arrest or conviction with your current or potential employer, but you also don’t want to create more trouble for yourself by failing to disclose the truth.

Know What You Have to Disclose About a DUI Arrest or Conviction

Often, whether or not you need to tell an employer or potential employer about your DUI arrest or conviction depends on the terms of your employment contract or the exact question on the employment application. We encourage you to look for the exact wording in your:

  • Job contract. Not all employers provide job contracts and not all job contracts require you to disclose DUI arrests or convictions. However, if you have a written contract, then look for any clause that may require you to report a DUI arrest or conviction to your employer. Teachers, military personnel, and public employees, for example, may have job contracts that require them to report arrests or convictions.
  • Job application. It would be best if you answered any question on a job application honestly. Most job applications ask about criminal convictions rather than arrests. Some applications only ask about felony convictions. Make sure that you answer the exact question that is asked of you.

Work With a DUI Defense Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

You are right to be concerned about how a DUI may impact your employment. Additionally, there are other ways that a DUI conviction may significantly impact your life, including jail time, fines, license revocation, mandatory rehabilitation programs, and other consequences.

Our experienced Fairfax DUI defense lawyers want to minimize the negative consequences you face, make sure that you are treated fairly, and help you secure the best possible outcome in your case. Please fill out our online contact form or call us directly to begin protecting your rights as soon as possible.